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Next Meeting

When : Wednesday 11th September 2019 @ 7:30PM
Other : All meetings held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 19:30

Where : All meetings are held at R A O B Social Club, 41 North Hill, Plymouth, PL4 8EZ
Map : Click here to display a map of the meeting place
Who : All welcome (non-members, any gender, any age)
You can be as vocal or as anonymous as you wish.
Cost : FNF Plymouth is run by volunteers and is funded by donations. If you support our service or receive valuable support and advice, then please consider making a donation. Minimum suggested contributions are £4 if you are waged, £2 if you are not.
Telephone : 01752 793 325 or 01752 770 699
Email : info@plymouth.fnf.org.uk

The meeting is a self-help round-table: an opportunity for you to tell your story, ask for opinions, and give views and experiences.

We welcome: men and women; parents, grand-parents, guardians, and their partners and friends; members and non-members. You can be as vocal or as anonymous as you wish.

Please be punctual so you can hear the briefing and introduce yourself. Please telephone me in advance if you expect to be late.

New clients please fill-in and bring a Help Meeting Client Pitch Form - available from Documents and bring pen and paper to make notes.

Contrary to Other above, meetings will normally be held on the first or second Wednesday of the month. All other details are accurate. Do telephone to confirm.

More about meetings: www.fnf.org.uk/help-and-support-2/local-branch-meetings .

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Help Information is available from Documents.

Legal Aid for Family Matters - available from Documents.

Contact Centre Information for Plymouth - available from Documents.

We are grateful for financial support from Roborough Rotary.

Future meetings are planned for:
Wednesday 11th September 2019;
Wednesday 2nd October 2019;
Wednesday 13th November 2019;
Wednesday 4th December 2019;
Please check nearer the date(s).

For immediate support and advice, we suggest you contact the Family Law Clinic at Plymouth University which offers free by-appointment surgeries: www.plymouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/llb-law/family-law-clinic .

About going to court: be dynamic, determined, and organised.

About going to the family court: … keep your arguments child focused, and if you want revenge, dig three graves… one for you, one for your ex, and one for your child. Hostility hurts all concerned.
Michael Robinson of The Custody Minefield 2012-19; http://thecustodyminefield.com

Papers from Karen Woodall's Introduction to Understanding Parental Alienation presentation in Plymouth on 16th October 2015 are available from Documents.


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